Supermarkets in the Fortitude Valley Area

This is a little guide for people visiting Fortitude Valley to show where all the supermarkets are located and what you are likely to find. Also, this guide may be of interest to residents that may not know that some of these places even exist! One great thing about the Valley is that it has a diversity of foods and cultures so there’s plenty to taste and discover.

Supermarkets around the Fortitude Valley area
Supermarkets around Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

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Woolworths – Most Common Supermarket around the Valley

Woolworths is the most common supermarket around Fortitude Valley in terms of numbers.

Woolworths Valley Metro

The Woolworths in the Valley Metro building is right next to the Fortitude Valley Train Station entry point. Newly opened in 2021 it was a well-needed addition to the new refurbished Valley Metro. It is definitely a step up compared to the previous Foodworks supermarkets that used to be located there.

To note though, it is a Woolworths “metro” store, so it’s a smaller size store compared to the larger Woolworths you might be used to in the suburbs. For most people visiting the city that’s not generally a problem, however, for local Fortitude Valley residents that want that specific product, you may need to travel to Woolworths Spring Hill or Gasworks Plaza depending on what part of the Valley you live.

Woolworths Spring Hill

While not technically in Fortitude Valley, Woolworths Spring Hill does service a lot of the residents in the upper part of Fortitude Valley closer to Brisbane city. It probably would be considered a mid-sized Supermarket stocking most items. It’s usually pretty busy but better in the mornings while everyone is still waking up.

Woolworths Newstead

There is also a Woolworths at Gasworks Plaza in Newstead. Again, not technically Fortitude Valley but very convenient for Valley residents living down the other end, away from the city.

If you are after a larger variety of foods this supermarket is great because of its larger size.

Woolworths Metro

Woolworths Metro is another option for residents living in the Valley. A lot of people quite often go into the city for one reason or another. So, getting a few items from the Woolworths Metro supermarket is a good option. While the smaller stores usually have the label “Metro”, this store is actually a larger one so they stock a fair variety of products.

Other General Supermarkets

ALDI inside Homemaker The Valley

Going down Wickham Street towards Newstead you have an ALDI supermarket which is known for its cheap food and random products. This store is located in Homemaker across the road from Harvey Norman and Freedom Funiture.

IGA Fortitude Valley

If you like to do your shopping at IGA, there’s one located on Wickham Street opposite the Emporium. It is also very close to the Fortitude Valley Police Station.

Asian Food Supermarkets

Yuen’s Chinatown Fortitude Valley Brisbane

For Chinese and a variety of Asian foods, Yuen’s is a great place to go. While not an overly big Asian supermarket there is heaps of Asian foods packed into the shelves here.

Geeta Indian Grocery Store

Hidden in the McWhirters building of the Brunswick Street Mall is an Indian grocery store where you can buy a variety of Indian food items.

Lin & Co Thai Supermarket

This is quite a small Thai food supermarket located on Wickham Street near Brunswick Street Mall.

The Valley Grocer

Tucked away off Wickham St is the Valley Grocer located at 15 Little Street. See this page for directions on how to get there. They have a lot of fruit and veg at very reasonable prices.

Our inventory embraces more than 500 products under one roof to cover all your kitchen shopping needs. We also ensure a relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience to facilitate our customers in the area.

From The Vallet Grocer Website

Monika Inidan Groceries

On your way down to New Farm along Brunswick St is Monika Indian Groceries


Ismails Butcher

Ismail’s Discount Halal Meats/ Australian Halal Butcheries

I’ve been buying my meat there for over 10 years and it has always been of great quality. To add, the price tag is competitive with the larger supermarkets. Definitely gives these guys a go if you live in the Valley. Card is accepted now, so no longer cash only.

Just to note though, Ismail’s is a Halal butcher so no pork products sold here.

They do have a website, Ismail’s Discount Halal Meats/ Australian Halal Butcheries