Parking in Fortitude Valley

General Parking Information

Fortitude Valley is an inner-city suburb of Brisbane with high-density living. Unlike the outer suburbs of Brisbane where there is more space, parking is not generally free.

You have the option of either using the services of a commercial undercover car park or metered street parking. On the odd occasion, some car parks do offer limited-time parking for free which I have listed below.

Where free parking is available I’ve highlighted these locations in green.

For a lot of people, it could make more sense to drive to your nearest train station and take the train into Fortitude Valley. Possibly the bus or an electric bike option is better if there are no trains close by. However, if that’s not for you and driving is your preferred mode of transport, there are quite a number of parking options. Be aware though, some parking spaces are cheaper than others!

Car Parking Fortitude Valley
Car Parking at the Central Brunswick Shops, Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley

Commercial Undercover Car Parks

The two main companies that provide car parks in Fortitude Valley are Secure Parking and Cornerstone Parking. Parking rates may change from time to time so I’ve provided links to the relevant car park here to check the parking rates. I have however marked where there is free parking at the time of writing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make up too many of them!

Secure Parking

Secure Parking has seven car parks that service Fortitude Valley. As the name suggests “secure” and undercover parking.

If you are planning on parking for 20 minutes plus, have a look at paying online for a better deal. Under 20 minutes, rates look better to drive up and pay.

See the further info links below for up to date pricing and further information. Pricing is structured into various tiers such as hourly parking, early bird parking, PM parker, night parking, weekend parking, lost ticket, overnight parking for a single night, overnight parking for multiple nights, monthly parking, flexible parking and monthly motorcycle parking.


Located opposite the McWhirters building on Warner Street. Entry can be made from either Warner or Ballow Streets. The maximum vehicle height is 2.05 meters. Open 24/7.

View further info on McWhirters Car Park

388 Brunswick St

Bargain Avenue

This car park is located on Brunswick Street, however, the entry is on Berwick Street. Good park spot for access to the Valley Heart, Brunswick Street Mall. The maximum vehicle height is 2.2 meters. Open 24/7.

View further info on 388 Brunswick St Car Park

McLachlan & Ann

This is a good secure car park if you are planning on going to do some shopping down on James Street. Located on the corner of McLachlan and Ann Streets. The maximum vehicle height is 2.2 meters. Open seven days, 5 am through to 1 am.

View further info

Valley Metro

The Valley Metro Car Park is one of the most centrally located and perfect for accessing shops close to the Fortitude Valley Train Station. The maximum vehicle height is 2.2 meters. Open 24 hours, seven days a week.

View further info on Valley Metro Car Park

90 Bowen Terrace

The Bowen Terrace Car Park is close to the north side of Story Bridge and a good spot for accessing Howard Smith Wharves. The maximum vehicle height is 1.85 meters. Open seven days, 7 am to 10 pm. Car park entry is one street back on Martin Street.

View further info

1024 Ann Street

Car parking at 1024 Ann Street is close to the Emporium and Waterloo Hotel away from the heart of the Valley. The maximum vehicle height is 2.3 meters. Open seven days, 6 am to 10 pm. Car park entry is by Murri Way or Ann Street.

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The Calile Hotel

The Calile Hotel Car Park is another place for accessing the James Street precinct. It’s a little closer to Palace James Street Cinemas and Harveys Bar and Bistro. Open seven days, 6 am to 12 midnight. Car park entry is 48 James Street.

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Cornerstone Parking

Homemaker The Valley

Free parking first 2 hours

Homemaker Valley has two car parks, Homemaker North and South depending on what shops you want to visit. Pricing is reasonable with the first two hours free (day time only / cumulative). The maximum vehicle height is 2.05 meters. Open time vary on day and car park. Best to follow the info link below to get exact times.

View further info

Spring Hill Marketplace

Free parking first 2 hours

The Spring Hill Marketplace is located in Spring Hill but quite close to the main Fortitude Valley hustle and bustle. Roughly 5 minutes walk to the Brunswick Street Mall down Wickham Street. The shopping centre has a Woolworths, Turbot Medical Centre and various smaller stores.

The maximum vehicle height is 2.3 meters. Open seven days. Check the info link for exact times.

View further info

James Street Car Park

This car park is located at 70 James Street with entry around the corner on Arthur Street. A little bit further down James Street in the New Farm direction although the rates are reasonable. The maximum vehicle height is 1.9 meters. Open 24/7.

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20 Warner Street

The 20 Warner Street Car Park is also known as Park@The Fort. It is located right in the heart of Fortitude Valley at the rear of the Fortitude Music Hall on Brunswick Street Mall. Entry is via Warner Street near the McWhirters building.

It’s an automated car park. The maximum vehicle height is 2.1 meters. Check the info link for exact open times.

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301 Wickham Street

This car park is reserved for monthly parking only. Located near the Tryp Hotel on Constance Street. The maximum vehicle height is 1.9 meters.

(note: page removed, the car park may no longer be under Cornerstone management)

252 St Paul’s Terrace

This car park is reserved for monthly parking only. Located under the Kennigo Hotel. The maximum vehicle height is 1.9 meters.

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240 St Paul’s Terrace

This car park is reserved for monthly parking only. The entrance to the car park is on Grenier Street. No maximum height, not undercover.

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Other Parking

James Street Market

Free Parking

This parking spot is for the James Street Markets and has only 115 car spaces. The shopping centre has other specialty stores such as Flower Trap florist, Spoon Deli Cafe, Prime Specialty Meats butcher and more. Open 24/7.

View further info

Cathedral Place Car Park

Free parking first 20 minutes

Cathedral Place apartments have a visitors car park. Located 41 Gotha Street opposite Centenary Place park. This car park could be useful when shopping at Cathedral Village, visiting a resident at Cathedral Place or if you have an appointment close by. The maximum vehicle height is 1.9 meters.

View more info about Cathedral Place Car Park

Gasworks Plaza Newstead

Free parking first 2 hours

The Gasworks Plaza is located in Newstead, although I thought it was worth adding here as it’s close proximity to Fortitude Valley.

There are over 300 public car park spaces. Access can be made either by Skyring Terrace opposite Cunningham Street or Longland Street which is opposite Doggett Street. The first two hours of parking is free.

View further info for Gasworks Plaza Car Park

Street parking in Fortitude Valley

Most street parking is metred in Fortitude Valley and managed by the Brisbane City Council.

Brisbane City Council Parking Meters and Fees

Note: 15-minute free parking is available for parking spots across Fortitude Valley.
See the Brisbane City Council website Brisbane Parking Meter Fees page for more details.

This page, Fortitude Valley Street Parking Fees displays all the on-street parking fees for Fortitude Valley. To note, the Valley is part of Zone two: city fringe.

Also, this page Parking Meter Payments may also be useful for finding out information on how to make payment.

Free Parking on Unsigned Streets

Besides using the free limited free offer from commercial car parks you may want to try street parking where there are no meters. In this case, you will need to be willing to walk 5-10 minutes to get to your destination in Fortitude Valley. Street parking may be available on Bowen Terrace, side streets off Brunswick or James Streets. Brunswick Hotel, etc.

Important information…

Unless there are parking meters or signs indicating otherwise, you can park on unsigned streets for a maximum of two hours in the Brisbane Central Traffic Area.

Parking on the street within the Brisbane Central Traffic Area is restricted to two hours between 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, and 7 am to 12 pm, Saturday unless otherwise indicated.

More information on the free parking on unsigned streets…
Two-hour free parking on unsigned streets

Alternatives to Parking in Fortitude Valley

If you live close enough to the city, you can always use an electric scooter to get you to your destination. There’s a growing network of cycleways that make the journey more enjoyable.

On busy days it may be better to take public transport into the Valley. Unless there’s a special need to drive a car into the Valley you may be better driving to your nearest train station and take the train to Fortitude Valley Train Station.

There are also plenty of buses that access most locations within the Valley. To note, if you are close to a ferry terminal, the Ferry will be stopping at Howard Smith Wharves towards the end of 2021. Entry to Fortitude Valley can be made via the lift onto Bowen Terrace then Brunswick Street.

Visit the Translink website for more details on public transport options accessing Fortitude Valley.

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